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2 September 1984
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Hey there!

My name's Beth, I'm 25 and an upstanding british lady....Ok so yeah thats total foowey :D

Im an obsessive geek with psychotic tendencies and a menagerie of voices residing in my head...it's all go up in there ^_~.

My obsessions include:
+Manga - Yaoi, BL, Shoujo make up the bulk of my library [currently on a buying limit but have around 370 books. Picking up again as am a good 24 months behind especially Yaoi wise]
+YAOI! Slash, Shounen-ai and all other boy lovin homoerotic man pron ^^
+Final Fantasy Series
+RPG Games[on any console] - Favorite Series include but are not limited too:
::Shadow Hearts::Final Fantasy::Shin Megami Tensei - Persona especially::Breath of Fire
::Dragon Quest::Tales of...::Harvest Moon::Phoenix Wright + Ace Attorney::Suikoden
::.hack//...::Pokemon::Wild Arms::Grandia::Star Ocean::Atelier Iris::...And many more!
+Music [all syles from rock to classical - my ipod has both death metal and opera]
+Hentai[yes im a perv ^_~]
+Movies [I work at Blockbusters so you can imagine im a crazy film buff ^^]
+World Cinema - Asian film and Bollywood I especially love
+Stationary - The cuter the better, I also collect pens - espcieally if they have coloured inks ^_^

I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to RPG games. I collect them[I have around 250ish across most platforms] and spend a large amount per year to fule my addiction.

Thats pretty much my life all laid out, basically a geeky fangirl who loves manga men more than the human variety..you wanna know more [its your funeral lol!] then just add me or giv us a shout on MSN/Yahoo/AIM!

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ff20in20-Round 01||Crazy-3rd Place

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::please feed me::
::please feed me::

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