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Writer's Block: Happiest birthday gift

What was the best birthday gift you ever received? What made it so special?

That would be a Gold Fire Opal bracelet tht I was given for my 18th birthday - I saw it on a trip to Haworth with my nana and folks and just fell in love with it.
When my nana then went there again without me, just before my birthday, I thought it was just a personal trip between her and my mum - turns out she had gone to get the bracelet for me and had put it on hold the moment we got home from before! ^____^
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R.I.P Michael Jackson.

I can't believe he is gone....
I've been a devoted fan since I was only months old, no matter what happend I never stopped faulterd - and now he has been taken from us so close to his come back...
I never believed he could die - he was supposed to live forever!
I can't find words to express my total devastation - no amount of the countless tears I shed will ever erase this loss.

The world has lost a legend the likes of which will never ever be matched.

May you finally find peace, I will love you always!!
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.........what is this strange land??

To say its been a while since my last update would be akin to saying its been a while since I was a baby ><;

Its not so much that ive not had anything to say but more that everytime I think about something or go to logon my mind gets distracted and I forget all about it!
......I even renewed my subscription a couple of months back and still didnt come on lol

So to everyone who know's me from here or who has been wondering where I am and if I died a year ago.....HI! ^^

Feel free to send greetings and ego massage.....or ya know, just say nothing at all and leave me to feel unloved...*sheds a single tear*

Ah and since this is something that will be updated soon (when my fury has subsided a little) let me just say: PHONES4U SUCK!!! They are total scum and I sit here today to say, that were I to be arrested and given life for going into every Phones4U building/office/store and shooting all managers and staff until their corpses were nothing but stains on the floor, I would remain one of the happiest people every to walk this earth....*goes into a pleasent dream state*

I away to bed now since I am worn out from phone badness and need to refresh my head
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(no subject)

It's 5.33am. I have been on the computer since 8.00pm.
I have spent this time sorting my iPod/iTunes library - Hunting down album art, Renaming files, Checking names etc.

What an eventful life I do lead....

[edit] A small plus from this is that I have managed to hunt down and download Agatsuma Hiromitsu's back catalogue so meditation should be a little more enjoyable now I have a wealth of new music.
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small stupid o'clock as usual with the addition of geekyness


We will have consoles set up to play some new games and Goody Bags worth £15 given to those who Pre-Order any game/s - which will only cost them £1!
Bags will include: [subject to change]
1 x Bar of Galaxy [£1.29]
1 x Bag of Popcorn [£1.59]
1 x Can of Relentless [£1.19]
Money off Vouchers etc.

Please come down! show support, pre-order games and above all let us know what you think we could improve on! We are hoping to make this a regular thing if it does well but for that we need people to turn up and let us know we arn't flogging and dead horse lol

Also im planning on doing a small booklet for our next on at the end of October, featuring info about the new games and future releases, I may be adding one for films too since BB have not released a magazine in 8 months and we get a lot of comments about it being a help, so I would be really grateful if anyone here could answer me a few things:

  • What attracts you too a game/film?

  • What information would you find really helpful when thinking of buying a game/ renting a film?

  • Does personal, honest opinion matter too you? i.e. If staff gave a small review of a games/film would that factor in your decision?

  • What game/films are you most looking forward too?

  • What do you like most about games/film magazines? i.e. Presentation, certain type's of articles etc..

  • Anything else you can think would be a help?

Please Please Please take the time to reply to these questions because not only will it mean a lot to me personally but I am trying to make this a regular thing with a view to using it in CV to help with finding a new job.

I look forward to hearing your views ^_^


Oh I just have to let out my joy and glee somewhere or I am likely to burst all over my walls so here it goes:

PERSONA 3: FES EDITION IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED IN UK ON 17 OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't think they would do it since its a miracle they released Persona 3 over here in the first place, the fact they are willing to release the expanded edition and at £17.99 [original is still £24.99] is just mind blowing and enough to make the past few weeks look a whole lot better ^-^

For those who have yet to play this game I don't think I could truly explain just how fantastic is really is - Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, Tale Of etc style fantastic and that's and understatement lol I havn't had a chance to play it in a few weeks due to work but have put aside a couple of day next week to get stuck in again - though I will end up starting it all again when FES arrives since I look forward to trying all the extra's that pack out the original part of the game, not to mention the new chapter with an added 30+ hours of game play ^___________^
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Old aint bad

Has been 1 week now since I began my 24th year of being far it aint the best folks.

Ok so yes this is in part to the fact that I went shopping in Manchester friday - the day it chose to rain constantly and not lightly the entire day...while I was wearing my trainers with the split sole's. I ended up with shoe's full of water and by the time I got back I was in no small amount of pain which has stayed - makes walking that little bit more fun ><;

I would give a long list of all birthday related stuff but I can't be bothered tonight so I am going to go watch Sugar Rush and enjoy my last day of holiday ^_^

Oh! I want to thank all of you that wished me a happy birthday ^_^ and those of you who didn't.............*strikes a dramatic pose before sobbing into a lace hanky* :P
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isn't the t'internet super ^_^

I come to you this evening from the comfort of my bed (which is a whole 2ft from my comp ><;) using my latest purchase, Nintendo DS Lite Browser! It's not able to show video and its pretty slow but its nifty for having a browse when im too tired to move or at m'folks. I've not tested many sites bar Amazon which works but wont allow me to log in so its more of a searching items thing. If I find its not worth the effort though I know I can pretty much get my money back if not make a little profit since it seems to be selling high on ebay.

It's nice to be off my feet doing this though as im all kinds of shatterd after a exhausting day at work. We are trying to stick all the crap from the other store on the system so we can do this fucking inventory before we all die of old age >_<; I was sure it had all got sent elsewhere so we wouldn't have to deal with this shit but apparently some 'nice' people sent it back lol..can't say I blame them really!

Oh! Is anyone else watching channel 4's Bollywood/Asian season? or in fact does anyone else like bollywood films or amI alone here? lol Well if not I recommend watching a film I saw last night called KOI...MIL GAYA which is india's answer to E.T. but with singing, dancing and pure campness not to mention some sad moments :( Its pure wonderfulness and I would even go as far as to say it's better than E.T!! I shall be buying me some of that tomorrow when I get on the comp, along with the mass of other BW dvd's I have on my list now ^_^ will just have to split them with my manga buys too though since saying I'm behind a little on it would be an understatment! I've not bough anything in that area in months and me no likey!

Hope your feeling better now by the way Deb's, nana told me you hadn't been well :( If you have any time free next week btw let me know cause may have to go to Notts to get an order so your welcome to come even without money since I will be doing more of a window shopping than buying thanks to those 2 weeks of >_

Bottom cheer's me up ^_^

Now would seem like a good time to update on the events of the past month for 2 reasons, a. because I have finally worked up the energy to move all the shit from in front of my computer allowing me to get within 2ft of it and b. because I have only just got to the stage when im well enough to make a post containing more than the words "I HATE MY FUCKING BODY!!!!!!!"

You may ask why I have been so poorly? well i'll tell you thought I am putting some of it under a cut since it concerns women's problems, something I know most men just can't stand to think about let alone read about ^_^

Well the beginning of what has been a shit 6 weeks started with tooth ache, i've not been to a dentist in 9 years due to the fact I have been lucky with teeth and never had any real problems - which is why they decided to all gang up on me at once >_< It was so painful I found myself being sent home from work after being in tears and in so much pain I was sick! Work was nice though so it made things easier.
I went to the dentist with thanks to my nana who paid for my whole appointment since I was swapped to private when I didn't go for...well 9 yrs. I had to hav a filling which was just plain horrible and involved a needle in the cheek leaving the right side of my mouth numb for 4 hours *shudders* However worse than that was what they found when they did an ex-ray of my wisdom teeth which showed that not only where they pointing towards my teeth rather than down but one had already carved its way into the tooth next to it, pushing the tooth out towards my cheek ><;; Im not looking forward to the next few months cause at some point im going to have to give in and have my gum cut open - something im not keen on and refuse to do if I have to be awake during the whole thing!

So yeah then came the real fun and the reason I have been off for 2 and a half weeks now - my period. Now to most that may sound a little strange since we all have to deal with them and not often do we require time off and certainly not 2 weeks! Well as most people know I haven't been having my period for 5 years now, for 4 years I had absolutely nothing and then last year I had the odd day here and there but nothing noteworthy. I had had blood tests and smears but they didn't find a reason, which is probably due to the fact they didn't really take a vested interest in my situation and after the 100th chorus of "its probably just a blip and more than likely due to your weight" I just gave up, there are only so many time's I can explain that "NO ITS FUCKING NOT YOU MORONS" I mean if that were the case then it would be happening to millions of people and it's not!

Well after all that time I basically gave up caring, they had already told me it was unlikely I would ever be able to have children and I had come to terms with that. Im too selfish to have kid's and I doubt that should I get to the life im dreaming of I will be willing to give it up for someone else, that's not to say I will never want a child in my life but in my mind I think it would be unfair to bring another child into this world when there are so many in orphanages without a home or a family so I would rather adopt.

Collapse )

If all the above wasn't bad enough on its own I also had to contend with Flu and the current fun of mild food poisoning - because they can't leave me with only one problem to deal with at a time ><;

Im beginning to think my body is shutting down bit by bit and if that's the case I welcome the end of it all because I doubt I could go through a similar event again in the next 40yrs let alone the next few months :(

That's not everything that's happened but the rest is for another day when im not so tired. I hope everyone is ok and miss you all, hope I talk to you soon ^_^
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Back again

This is all feeling little anti-climatic, I remember thinking in March that the year was going slowly and then BAM! Im here. Im not holding out much hope for any form of celebration which I guess would be wise given that even the prime minister can't be bothered to 'big up' the coming year. How pathetic is that? No "2008 is going to be amazing!!" or "We can look forward to a new year fully of hope's and dreams"...No....we get "Prime Minister Warns Of Bleak Year For Britain" - Now if that doesn't inspire you then we are all doomed ><;

Im having the fun at work at the moment, fun knowing that by 6th of January I could be jobless since we close trade at the store on 2nd January! They sure know how to pick the best time to close a store. We have to re-apply for our jobs and have all got interviews on 4th with various managers to determine whether we will be kept on or not. So that being the case I have been applying for jobs left and right in the hope's that maybe I won't have to stay on - considering I was to leave this month, staying on is not a choice I would make if not for my need of funds.

Really I should be making some big forecast for the coming year, how I plan to pass my driving test, how im going to loose weight so im not a fat, ugly, boyfriendless heffer anymore, how im going to get a new job that isn't killing my spirit every second of my life.............however there isn't much point, I say do - dont say what you going to do but what you have as if!
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Just a pasing comment

Well I couldn't let  it pass without some measure of responce.

Dumbledore is Gay.

*gasps displaying shocked face mockingly*

Anyone who didn't already see that need's clubbing across the head ^_~ I mean......come on!!!!!!

That is all ^^

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